Friday, June 08, 2007

2007 June New Release-Mars Mission

MX-11 Astro Fighter
Item #: 7695
Pieces: 57

Battle for the Martian skies!

With its laser cannon and moveable wings, the high-speed MX-11 Astro Fighter can scout for energy crystals and take the battle against the aliens to the skies.

Includes astronaut minifigure and alien minifigure that really glows in the dark!

MT-31 Trike
Item #: 7694
Pieces: 95

Explore any terrain!

The Mars Mission team can transport energy crystals and captured aliens anywhere across the Martian surface with the all-terrain MT-31 Trike vehicle with working suspension system!

Includes astronaut minifigure and glow-in-the-dark alien minifigure!
Trike has all terrain wheels and suspension!

MX-71 Recon Dropship
Item #: 7692
Pieces: 435

Drop into battle!

When the going gets tough, the Mars Mission team calls in the MX-71 Recon Dropship! Cruising across the Martian surface, the dropship can carry captured aliens back to base and deliver its mining vehicle cargo anywhere it needs to go.

Includes Recon Dropship, mining vehicle and alien ship!
Includes 2 astronaut minifigures and 4 glow-in-the-dark alien minifigures!
Fire MX-71 Recon Dropship's missile to battle the alien attack ship!
Detach the mining vehicle to drill for energy crystals!
Watch out for the alien attack ship's rotating shooters!

MT-51 Claw-Tank Ambussh
Item #: 7697
Pieces: 374

The ultimate robotic tank!

With its disc shooter, storage tanks, and a powerful claw for capturing crystals and alien attackers, the hi-tech MT-51 Claw-Tank is ready to defend the Mars Mission team against the alien strike ship.

Includes futuristic mining tank, alien strike ship, astronaut minifigure and 2 glow-in-the-dark alien minifigures!
Features working treads, rolling wheels and poseable arms to vanquish any foe!
Load and launch the disk shooter!
MT-51 Claw-Tank turns 360 degrees to capture any alien!

MB-01 Eagle Command Base
Item #: 7690
Pieces: 760

Defend the Mars base from alien attack!

Aliens are attacking the MB-01 Eagle Command Base on Mars! Fight back with air-powered missiles, then turn the air pump to transfer captured aliens and energy crystals through the base’s tubes. Launch the high-tech shuttle to battle the alien ship!

Complete base set includes alien transport pods, alien attack ship, futuristic space shuttle and air pump system!
Includes 4 foam missiles that are safe for play!
Includes 4 astronaut minifigures and 4 glow-in-the-dark alien minifigures!
Space shuttle stands 15" (38cm) high!
Examine captured aliens on the command base!

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